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1. Can this hair be dyed? Yes, you can dye our Mink Brazilian hair extensions, but we recommend that
you allow a professional hair stylist to color hair extensions.
2. How do I care for my extensions? Always remember to wash your hair extensions every 1-2 weeks
Never ball your hair up wash going upwards and downwards so the hair will not get tangled while
combing out.
3. How long does this hair last? This hair can last 3 years with the proper care and maintenance.
4. Why are closures and frontals so high? Closures and frontals are high because the lace is very scarce,
so we have to wait and pay higher price to get good quality lace.
How much hair do I need ? 3 Bundles are a good amount for shorter hair but for longer hair I suggest
you get four bundles in the lengths of 26,28,30 ,30 because the longer the hair the thinner plus the
wefts are much shorter .

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